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Griffiths mares face tough Sandown battle

Griffiths mares face tough Sandown battle

Robbie Griffiths has a couple of handy mares engaged in the Summoned Stakes at Sandown but says there are obstacles in their way.

Impavido's next assignment up in the air

Impavido's next assignment up in the air

Forecast rain in Sydney will impact on whether the Bjorn Baker-trained Impavido runs at Rosehill or waits for Newcastle.

Lucky Hussler after another Sandown win

Lucky Hussler after another Sandown win

The classy Lucky Hussler will be trying to add the Sandown Stakes to his Kevin Heffernan Stakes victory from the corresponding meeting a year ago.

Heathcote on song for Millions

Heathcote on song for Millions

Trainer Robert Heathcote is confident two-year-old Only Wanna Sing can grab his share of the limelight at Doomben.

Today's Horse Racing Form Guide

TODAY R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12
Ascot (WA) 6h 10m 6h 50m 7h 30m 8h 11m 8h 46m 9h 23m 9h 58m 10h 33m
Bathurst (NSW) 3h 44m 4h 19m 4h 59m 5h 34m 6h 14m 6h 54m
Clermont (QLD) 4h 11m 4h 56m 5h 41m 6h 31m 7h 16m
Cranbourne (VIC) 7h 56m 8h 31m 9h 6m 9h 41m 10h 16m 10h 51m 11h 26m
Doomben (QLD) 2h 38m 3h 13m 3h 48m 4h 23m 5h 3m 5h 38m 6h 18m 6h 58m 7h 34m
Dunkeld (VIC) 3h 2m 3h 37m 4h 12m 4h 47m 5h 27m 6h 2m 6h 42m 7h 22m
Esperance (WA) 6h 40m 7h 20m 8h 3m 8h 38m 9h 13m 9h 48m
Fannie Bay (NT) 5h 52m 6h 32m 7h 12m 7h 51m 8h 26m
Gold Coast (QLD) 3h 29m 4h 4m 4h 39m 5h 19m 5h 54m 6h 34m 7h 14m 7h 49m
Gundagai (NSW) 3h 17m 3h 52m 4h 27m 5h 7m 5h 42m 6h 22m 7h 2m
Hobart (TAS) 3h 9m 3h 46m 4h 21m 5h 1m 5h 36m 6h 16m 6h 56m 7h 32m
Ingham (QLD) 5h 21m 6h 1m 6h 51m 7h 31m 8h 10m
Inverell (NSW) 3h 26m 4h 1m 4h 36m 5h 16m 5h 51m 6h 31m
Julia Creek (QLD) 3h 46m 4h 26m 5h 6m 5h 51m 6h 36m 7h 16m
Kembla Grange (NSW) 2h 50m 3h 25m 4h 0m 4h 35m 5h 15m 5h 50m 6h 30m 7h 10m
Morphettville (SA) 2h 22m 2h 57m 3h 32m 4h 7m 4h 42m 5h 22m 5h 57m 6h 37m 7h 17m
Mt Perry (QLD) 4h 31m 5h 11m 5h 51m 6h 41m 7h 16m
Riccarton Park (NZ) 1m 36m 1h 11m 1h 46m 2h 21m 2h 56m 3h 31m 4h 6m 4h 41m 5h 21m
Roma (QLD) 3h 39m 4h 14m 4h 55m 5h 29m 6h 8m 6h 48m 7h 28m 8h 7m
Rosehill (NSW) 2h 26m 3h 6m 3h 41m 4h 16m 4h 51m 5h 31m 6h 6m 6h 46m 7h 26m
Sandown-hillside (VIC) 2h 11m 2h 46m 3h 21m 3h 56m 4h 31m 5h 11m 5h 46m 6h 26m 7h 6m 7h 41m
Tauranga (NZ) 16m 51m 1h 26m 2h 1m 2h 34m 3h 15m 3h 50m 4h 25m
Toowoomba (QLD) 7h 45m 8h 21m 9h 1m 9h 36m 10h 10m 10h 46m 11h 19m
Yea (VIC) 2h 56m 3h 36m 4h 11m 4h 51m 5h 31m 6h 11m

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Form Guide

Today's Betting Tips

Bathurst (NSW)
Clermont (QLD)
Cranbourne (VIC)
Doomben (QLD)
Dunkeld (VIC)
Esperance (WA)
Fannie Bay (NT)
Gold Coast (QLD)
Gundagai (NSW)
Hobart (TAS)
Ingham (QLD)
Inverell (NSW)
Julia Creek (QLD)
Kembla Grange (NSW)
Morphettville (SA)
Mt Perry (QLD)
Riccarton Park (NZ)
Rosehill (NSW)
Sandown-hillside (VIC)
Tauranga (NZ)
Toowoomba (QLD)

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Feature Races

Melbourne Cup

Each year, on the first Tuesday in November – well you know what happens next. Melbourne Cup day has its own unchanging place, alongside AFL and NRL Finals Days, the Boxing Day Test or the Australian Open tennis final, as those sporting events are etched into the hearts and minds of so many of our population.

Golden Slipper

Which is the world’s richest race for two year old horses? A clue – it takes place in Australia, in the west of Sydney at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse. The most recent winner was She Will Reign, the most distant from 1957 was Todman.

Cox Plate

For just five years short of a century, Moonee Valley racegoers have gathered, one Saturday in late October, to enjoy one of our iconic horse races – the Cox Plate. It’s named after the man who first had the vision for this course, and to almost quote a film line ‘he did build it and they did come’.

Caulfield Cup

What has the Caulfield Cup going for it? Well plenty. Let’s start with a prize pot of a cool three million dollars, which means it’s one of the world’s richest handicap races. This leads to a high class field for every running, giving you plenty of opportunity to respond to Caulfield Cup tips or odds offered, as the bookmaking fraternity compete for your attention.